Virtual Day Program for Developmental Disabilities

Our online learning day program showcases how OCL participants of all ages can thrive with the ability to learn online—anywhere, anytime.

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Virtual Day Program

COVID-19 has definitely changed the way we do things – from physical distancing to wearing masks, we’ve all had to make changes in our lives.

OCL is committed to providing the best supports in these difficult times. While we continue to work on reopening our Community Participation Supports program (CPS) at Brewer Hunt Way, we are very pleased to announce our Virtual Community Supports program.


Session Registration

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Full day program

Sign up for a full day and your day will start at 9:00 am with a Social Hub where you can say “hi” to friends and staff. After catching up with everyone, you’ll start the first of three classes in the morning session. After a short lunch break, the afternoon session will begin with a Social Hub and continue with three classes. There will be breaks in between so you can get a snack or move around.

Half day program

If a half day is all you want, choose from morning or afternoon. Each session will start with a Social Hub and include a break.


how much does it cost? Much less than you think and you can choose between a full day and half day, every day of the week or just a few times a week. Sign up now for the month ahead, spots are limited. Not ready to buy now?? Check the calendar for the number of spots available.

*Our afternoon classes start at 12:30 PM