Residential Program

Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills Residential Program provides individuals with the opportunity to live in residential homes supported by OCL staff 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The residents learn to live as independently as possible in a home environment. Staff assist the residents in cooking, cleaning and participating in community activities.

Presently, OCL operates seven Residential Programs mostly in the west end of Ottawa. Each home is supported and overseen by a Supervisor, whose office is located within the home. The Supervisor oversees staff functions, provides guidance and training and is a role model for staff and residents.

Our Residential Programs provide support to individuals who have total care/high medical needs,  those requiring skill development in daily living and/or behavioural support.

Purpose of the Residential Program

OCL is committed to developing, improving, and/or maintaining an individual’s interpersonal skills, daily living skills, and increase their participation and awareness of the community.

Staff and Resources

All Residential Program staff are trained in First Aid and CPR, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Behaviour Management, Safe Lifting Techniques and other specific training as required depending upon the program location, such as diabetic training, J-Tube, etc.

In addition, Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills Inc. utilizes the services from outside professionals as required, including Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health, Behaviour Management, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, General Practitioners, VON, etc.

For more information on our Residential Programs, please call 613-254-9400.